Two-month deferral for NSW and Qld bushfire victims

The ATO will grant a two-month lodgment and payment deferral to taxpayers impacted by the recent catastrophic bushfires in NSW and Qld.

The ATO has applied automatic lodgment and payment deferrals to postcodes impacted by the fires. This means that taxpayers do not need to contact the ATO or their tax professional if they have been impacted by the fires as the ATO has already taken care of it.

The quarterly Business Activity Statement (BAS) that would normally have been due on 11 November or 28 November for businesses using a tax professional will is now due on 28 January 2020. Monthly BAS lodgers also have an extra two months to lodge and pay as the ATO has automatically extended the due date until 21 January 2020 for the form which would normally have been due on 21 November. In addition, individuals in impacted areas who have lodged their 2018/19 income tax returns and have received a bill that would normally be due on 21 November 2019 now have until 21 January 2020 to pay.

See the ATO website for a list of the impacted local government areas where automatic deferrals have been set up.

Source: ATO media release, 18 November 2019.